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Please note that the Rockstone finish is no longer available. Finish available is textured matt black or  hammer tone gray, silver or black. For an extra S$300, a gloss metallic paint finish of any color of your choice is also available. Some examples below.

All prices are in Singapore dollars.


Blue ZPH1.JPG (70582 bytes) A ZPH1  preamp with phono input in metallic blue. Price: S$2450.



 Hammertone silver Line amp.JPG (70227 bytes)

 A ZPL2 line preamp in hammer tone silver. Price: S$1650.



Klaus ZPH2.jpg (80394 bytes) A ZPH2 phono amplifier for moving magnet cartridges in textured matt black. Price: S$1650



Metallic BLK ZPH2.JPG (51120 bytes) A ZPH2 phono amplifier for moving magnet cartridges in metallic gloss black. Oil damped tubes are optional. Price: 1950.



Hybrid Class A  Integrated.JPG (83958 bytes)  A custom ordered Integrated hybrid Class A 20 watts per channel with audio coupling transformers between the tubes and output mosfets. This is in a dark hammer tone finish. Price:  S$7500.




                                                                                    ZPH1 Phono Preamp. S$2150

product2.jpg (31265 bytes) 


This preamp is designed for vinyl lovers which incorporates a high quality phono stage(2 pieces 12AX7) in addition to a very musical linestage using a single 5687 twin triode. For more details about this product goto Anatomy of a Zenn Component




ZPL2 Linestage Preamp. S$1650

product3.jpg (31131 bytes)



This linestage preamp though affordably priced shares an identical linestage topology as the ZPH1 phono preamp.Designed to bring the digital medium closer to an analog sound.




                                                                            ZHA50 Hybrid poweramp. S$3950

product4.jpg (44574 bytes)

This poweramp combines the virtues of tubes and solid state in one package. It provides an ample 50 watts/ch with a valvelike tonality. Drivers are tubes and output are mosfets. Like all Zenn components, the tube section derive its working DC power from a tube rectifier.(6CA4) to ensure a smooth and transparent sound quality. For more infomation on this design goto hybrids